Special Bulletin
The CHG is changing its Bylaws governing Non-Members and the Reciprocal Agreements it has with other reenactment clubs. Effective January 1st, 2014, the CHG will no longer participate in any Reciprocity Agreements with other reenactment organizations, with exception to the West Coast Historical Group. Non-Members may still participate at CHG and WCHG events, but will be required to pay a Temporary Membership fee, currently set at $10. The Temporary Membership gives limited membership status for the event they are participating in, thus satisfying insurance requirements and adequately compensating the CHG's and WCHG's efforts for hosting events. 

Please note that if you are a CHG Member not current on your dues, you will be charged the Temporary Membership fee or the Regular Membership dues at the event. You MUST be a member in either status to attend one of our events. If you are behind on your dues and plan to come to an event, best pay your dues in advance!
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