Scenario  : Tunisian Campaign 
Circa     : March 1943 
Sponsor   : 2nd Armored Division
Event Site: California City, CA 
Event Date: November 16-18
Contact   : Mike B.
Email     :
Battle Fee: $25.00
Line Up   : Saturday at 0900

From the event sponsor:

    There will be an easily defendable and identifiable objective that is straightforward. This scenario, as always in the desert, will benefit mobility and the ability to bring precise fire onto a position.
    Most likely, there will be marked respawn points as to hopefully keep "the dead" from malingering in the field.
    Vehicles will be allowed to transport reinforcements, as well as "the dead," to and from respawn point. Those vehicles will be subject to attack. Medics cut "dead time". Dead time starts once soldiers are at respawn marker.
    Allies should camp with allies, near the usual allied POV and Axis should be camped together, per usual, as well. We are using the previous North to South field orientation that has been OK'd by Cal City before.

American Authenticity:
    The only CHG units which have an established TO&E for North Africa are the 82nd Airborne and 2nd Armored Divisions. All other units can use this guideline.
    A quick and easy list to make sure you will look like a real G.I. somewhere in North Africa in the spring of 1943:

  • Type 2 service shoes
  • Leggings
  • Wool trousers and shirt
  • M41, 1st pattern tanker, wool overcoat, and or Mackinaw jacket
  • Jeep cap or watch cap
  • Helmet
  • 16 inch bayonet scabbard
  • Web gear
  • Gas mask bag
  • 1928 haversack

    As per usual leave the pistols at home unless you are on an mg, mortar, driving a vehicle, or have sr. nco or higher rank
    5 button sweaters? Sorry, they showed up AFTER the N African campaign
    Class A and garrison caps? Surely you jest. This is the spearhead of the allied advance, so unless there's a dance leave em at home.
    All questions and concerns can be addressed to Phil Jahnke, CHG Authenticity Officer.

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