Scenario  : Advance on Pilsen
Location  : Pilsen, Czechoslovakia
Circa     : April-May 1945
Sponsor   : 2nd Infantry Division
Event Site: Lost Valley
Event Date: October 21-23
Contact   : Jeff Stafford
Email     : a_navare@hotmail . com
Battle Fee: $25.00
Line Up   : Saturday at 0900
Notices   : 

Lost Valley Scout Camp is located at:
31422 Chihuahua Valley Road 
Warner Springs, CA 92086

There are currently cabins available, contact event host for reservation.

Fire danger is high, use of smoke and pyrotechnic devices are restricted.

Camp fires: current conditions at time of event will be ruled by camp ranger. Unit leaders will advise at lineup.

The war is nearing its inevitable conclusion, and the German Army is in a state of disarray. The Soviet Army in advancing from the East and the Western Allies are pushing in from the West. The German Army is fighting a delaying action in the east and trying to evacuate the remainder of its armed forces and civilian population to the West, as die-hard units continue to fight on both fronts.

Scenario Objectives
German Army: The objective for the German Forces is a breakout through Soviet or American lines with over 51% of their total force and reach a determined point at which point they will have ‘Broken out and escaped.’ by the determined hour (TBD at event).

If these objectives are met, the German Forces will be victorious. 

Note: If the DRK attends this event than any member taken as a POW by the Soviet forces and held at the end of the scenario count double (only for the determination of 51% not total number of prisoners for determination of Allied overall victory). POWs from this unit taken by the Western Allied forces count as normal. This represents the evacuation of German civilians and non-combatants away from advancing Soviet Forces do to the reported reprisals by Soviet troops on German civilians, especially women. 

Note: German units may place simulated minefields and/or booby traps to delay pursuing units. Any device must be cleared by the Safety and Authenticity committee first and they must be retrieved after the scenario by the units that placed them.

Soviet and Allied Forces: Prevent the Germans from breaking out with more than 51% of their forces. Allied overall victory will be determined by whichever faction (Soviet or Western Allied) have the most German POWs at the end of the scenario.

Standing orders from higher headquarters on both sides to prevent potential friendly fire, and prevent political corruption from Western ideas, prevent Allied and Soviet forces operating in close proximity. 
Both sides must stay at least 100 yards from each other and in the case of chance encounters both units must back off to minimum distance immediately.

Exit Area: The exit area will be clearly marked by the Hosting Unit and its location will be revealed to the Unit Commanders of the German Units after line-up on Saturday.

Taking of POWs
For this scenario, any solider who takes a hit may not move during the “kill period” without assistance by at least two other active soldiers for the duration of the “kill period.”

At this time, the soldier can be “captured” by opposing forces: if at least two soldiers from the opposing side help the unattended casualty back to their forces. 

Captured soldiers must either be kept with their captors, or taken to a central POW holding area, the general area of which will be revealed to the opposition so that a rescue might be attempted.

Captured soldiers may be ‘liberated’ if their captors are eliminated, or the POW encampment is overrun.

If a POW camp is established it may be guarded by no more than four guards at any time. Other troops may only approach to deposit POWs and must then leave the vicinity. 

Captured soldiers may try to ‘escape’ once their “kill period” has expired.

Lost Valley