Scenario  : Late War ETO
Location  : Germany
Circa     : 1945
Sponsor   : 6.SS Nord
Event Site: Camp Tahquitz(South Big Bear)
Event Date: November 17-19
Contact   : A. Higgins
Email     :
Battle Fee: $25.00
Line Up   : Saturday at 0900


This battle will be loosely based on the fighting outside of Reipertswiller during the „Nordwind" offensive.

This will be an objective-based tactical event with a focus on realism and immersion. Units will be given orders that coincide with the objectives at play.

If you have compasses, BRING THEM! If you have period correct radios or walkies, BRING THEM! Small vehicles (bikes, keeps, kubel..) are more than welcome for those who want to bring them out.

All ETO impressions are welcome but should be well researched for the time period (Early 1945) If you need help with this, the event organizer can provide some cursory info on units involved.

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