Scenario  : Normandy   
Location  : Northern France
Circa     : June 1944
Sponsor   : 12.SS / 2nd AD co-hosting
Event Site: Camp Tahquitz
            41700 CA-38,
            Angelus Oaks, CA
Event Date: August 24-26
Contact   : 
Battle Fee: $25.00
Line Up   : Saturday at 0900
Notices   : 
 August 24-26, 2018 Camp Tahquitz. 8 cabins reserved for this event. They are first come, first serve. Scenario will be based on post D-Day operations in and around the Normandy France sectors. Be sure to coordinate with your unit on which impression is most appropriate. Contact the USGI AO if you need assistance.

Alcohol is not authorized at Camp Tahquitz. The new Police Call rule will be in effect for this site. 

Tahquitz has reinforced its no alcohol policy. Ranger Rick will be on the look-out for any violators. Please do not plan to bring alcohol to this event. Additionally, Ranger Rick requested that POV parking be in the designated POV parking area only, and that parking spaces be utilized in an orderly fashion. At our last event, parking was cramped, so he wants to try and organize this better. There are absolutely NO vehicles allowed between the cabins due to the shallow underground plumbing. 

Fire danger is extremely high, and there will be no fires allowed at this event. No smoking in the field, and absolutely no pyro or mortars. Per CHG bylaws, each participant must carry an e-tool for firefighting purposes, and will continue to be enforced. 

More to follow.

Camp Tahquitz