German Music of the Era - There is more to reenacting that battles, bullets, and combatants. Every soldier who fought in the war, came with memory and roots back home. These roots always involved a connection to the music back home. Most are familar with your standard German Marches, there were singers and actors from the German film industry who's recording were very popular during the war years. While most are aware of Marlene Dietrich,may not know that she became an American citizen in 1939, and was anti-Nazi, so her music would not have been as available to the average German soldiers. They would have heard singers which you may not be aware of such as Zarah Leander, Isle Werner, Hans Alber, Johannes Heesters, Rudi Schuricke, Marlene Mathan, Evelyn Künnecke and many others.
German Film and Theater - While much of the war time films, had a propoganda themes. And like American film actresses many of them were singers and dancers. By far the most prolific was Zarah Leander. For those interesting in the subject review a complete listing of feature films, documentaries and short film produced during the era. For those interest in obtain actual film version of some of these movies try this website.