Scenario  : Battle at Anzio 
Location  : Anzio, Italy
Circa     : Spring of 1944
Sponsor   : 12th SS
Event Site: Holcomb Valley (Big Bear)
Event Date: August 16-18 2013 
Contact   :
Phone     :
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Battle Fee: $25.00
Line Up   : Saturday at 0900
Notices   :  Outdoor camping event

Folks, just a few updates/changes coming from WCHG as well as the hosting unit (12.SS):

This event is being held in Holcomb Valley. However, a new change is that the site ranger has granted us permission to use the East end of the ranch, including the old buildings near the meadow for camping and engagement. There is also access to potable water, showers and the on site restrooms.

Fire danger is high, thus NO pyro will be permitted for the event. This includes mortars and black-powder-firing devices. There is one approved fire ring on that side of the ranch for fires. NO fires will be permitted outside of the designated fire rings. Lanterns and propane cooking stoves are approved, but please use common sense when setting them up and never leave a heat source unattended.

Impressions should be appropriate for forces at and near Anzio during Spring of 1944. Please look the part.

The site will be opened up around 1:00 Friday afternoon. Please camp in the designated areas. Should you have any questions, please contact the hosting unit, 12th SS.