Our membership ranges in age from 15 to 70. We're in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but in good enough shape to do some light hiking all day. Units portrayed vary from foot soldier to airborne trooper to armored crewman. The CHG has men and women participants; and while most units do not have women in combat/soldier positions, the Red Army units do allow women in combat/soldier positions (this being historically accurate). 

We do have an American field hospital, which -- when combined with the Red Army -- affords women the opportunity to participate in all of our events.
Events are mainly "tactical reenactments" held variously on public or private land. There are about six of these a year from September to June. There are also public services events such as various 4th of July parades and air shows. Finally, we participate in Living History events such as Old Fort MacArthur Days (at which reenactors from all various organizations and with a variety of historical focus show up and set up period encampments).
Many of our battles are focused on the war in Europe, with Allied forces battling against German combatants. There are also Pacific, Mediterranean, and Eastern Front battles as well. Each year has seen a vast dual-front engagement in which Russian and Western Allied forces fight the Germans in the last days of the Reich.
Most units have no membership fees, and have members from throughout California. The cost to join the CHG is $25 a year, and individual events cost from $25-$40. These events last the entire weekend. 

Below is a list of all member units of the California Historical Group (CHG).

Carefully examine each unit through their websites, phone numbers, and e-mails. If you find a unit which holds interest to you, feel free to contact the recruiting officer for that unit and inquire about things such as unit authenticity standards, accepted vendors, and requirement for membership within that unit.

Membership in the CHG is achieved by first joining one of these member units:
American Units
Red Army Units
British Unit
Commonwealth Unit
German Units
98th Gebirgsjager Regiment
Japanese Unit

Italian Unit
* - These units are 2nd impression units