Living History
These events are generally run by outside organizations not connected with the CHG. Living History in it's specific sense is geared towards various reenactor groups throughout history, who come together to showcase different points in history. Accordingly in addition to our World War II units, you will also see groups doing American Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, Korean War, Roman, etc.
Living history events have theses various groups setting up period encampments. This includes tents, gear, equipment, artifacts, weapons, vehicles and other items to dress up and make themselves appear as though they have stepped out of a history book. These events include a scripted mock battle for the enjoyment of the crowds that come.
The events are staged to allow the general public to walk through the assembly of units and groups, asking questions, seeing demonstrations, and generally learning about the various time periods on display.  
But Living History is a board category and also includes other venues involving the public such as Air Shows, Gun Shows, Parades. Veteran Events, Memorial Services, etc. Also in the case of Air Shows, these to may have a mock battle demonstration.