U.S. Army Medical Form 53
For those who do a U.S. Army or Marine Medic, the M.D. Form 53 is a great addition to your first person impression.
  1. First Print several copies of the "Front Side", and then experiment with your printer, with printing the back side
The form has a hole through which thin string or twin is used. The hole would normally have a paper hole reinforcement, but these are difficult to find as most modern day version are vinyl and white.
Filling out the Form
NAME - This was an impression off the soldier's dog tag. But since you most likely won't be able to stamp it in, simply print the soldier's Name, A.S.N and Tuberculosis Inoculation Shot Date
GRADE - Soldiers rank, Pvt. Pvt 1cl, Sgt, etc.
DIAGNOSIS - Using the abbreviations from FM 8-45 para 50 complete the Diagnosis section of the card in Section "A" and "B"
For additional study and information please refer to these two great websites
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