Scenario  : North Apennines Campaign, Italy
Circa     : Aug-Sept 1944
Sponsor   : 3rd Platoon
Event Site: Lost Valley Boy Scout Camp
Event Date: October 19-21

Contact : A.Ardisone
Email :   
Battle Fee: Waived per circumstances
Line Up   : Saturday at 0900
Note from Event Organizer:

    We are simulating the lead up to the Allied push into the Apennines Mountains. Basically, operations near Florence/Arno River around the time frame of August to Sept 1944.

US: 3rd Platoon will be dressing out as 349th Infantry Regt., 88th Infantry Div. We are encouraging all US troops to dress out the same. It is not required to patch up as 88th ID, but please wear no other unit insignia and with the lowest ranks possible. 
    We purposely chose this unit as we feel most US members already have the basics to accomplish it. We are asking that all US troops attending portray this unit, as well. 
    Our hope is to field as many full strength units of like-dressed individuals as possible with a unified leadership.

Tactical: Tactical scenario will be dependent on attendance numbers. There will be a unit leader briefing Friday night to go over what the plan will be.
    I aim to have maps available to assigned scenario leadership, but in limited numbers. The intent is to focus on cohesive, realistic squad and platoon movements to obtain objectives. 

Meals: We will be taking a tactical lunch. We will eat as the situation allows. Units will take defensive positions to allow troops to eat in shifts. Everyone should pack something they can carry and easily eat in the field.

Vehicles: This is a leg infantry event. Vehicles will not work well with the scenario and are requested to not be brought.
    An exception would be made if a jeep would serve as a medical evac vehicle. As it stands this is not needed to make the scenario work. We will have jobs for medics if some wish to attend, and we hope some do. 

    Contact your unit leader to learn more about event and what we are aiming to achieve. If you have further questions, please field them here and I will answer them as soon as possible.




Lost Valley