Scenario  : Operation Mercury
Circa     : May 1941
Sponsor   : 2nd Fallschirmjager
Event Site: Maupin Ranch (San Diego Area)
Event Date: May 18th & 19th, 2012
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Battle Fee: $25.00
Line Up   : Saturday at 0900
I-8 East, exit 61 "Live Oak Springs" You will see Golden Acorn Casino.
Head south/east on Old Highway 80 (towards the Golden Acorn Casino which you will pass), turn right on Tierra Del Sol (about 3 miles off I-8)
Follow till it "T"s (About 5 miles off old highway 80) turn left follow till you see white gate and guard shack (about 1/4 mile).
KRETA Program Day 1
German Objective:
1) Capture/Secure the airfield and hold until Gerbirgjagers land,
2) Locate and capture the allied CP.
0800: Line-up, All combatants
0830: Allies deploy to occupy designated defensive positions: airfield and any other significant landmarks they can use for a tough defense.
0830: Drop canisters loaded and ready to placed into positions.
0915: Drop canisters and FJ tailgate drop off per designated route:
10:30 time for the Gerbirgjagers to go into action:
Note: If a fallschirmjager is killed after the drop, he must walk back to the designated resurrection spot (marked on the road) before he can rejoin the battle. After 11:00am, normal resurrection times will 10:30: Aircraft Fly over:
1030-1330: Capture and hold Objective in place.
1200-1245: Welfare check and lunch ..while the battle goes on:
1300: Axis move on to locate Allies CP.
1330-1530: Battle goes on ...
1530: Estimated time of capture of Allies CP.
1530-1600: Occupy Allies CP and consolidate; prepare for coutner attack and fight back if so!
1600-1630: Break, water an Health and welfare (Again DRK Nurses and Allied Nurses respectively).
1630-1700: Endex: Accountability, weapons and brass collection..movement to base camp.
1700-2200: Celebration and Award Ceremony under the stars.
Day 2: German Forces continue to clear Allies and Parisian’s