Photo and Research Sites
Photo Normandie - unbelievable collection of over 3,600 photos
German Black and White Photographs - nice collection of German Photographs
Red Army Colorized Photographs - one of the best sources of Red Army Photographs
World War II in Color - Color War Pictures
Color Pictures of WWII - Color Prints of World War II
World War II Posters - American-  - Official Government postings during the World War II era
World War II Posters - Germany - Official German Government posters
World War II Posters - English - Official British Government posters 
World War II Posters - Red Army - Various Red Army posters from World War II
Internet Archive- find all sorts of old newsreels and movies. All downloadable
WW2 US Medical Research Centre - One of the best place for photos & info
U.S. Army in World War II Series- U.S. Army Histories from the "Green Books"
Combined Arms Research Library - Digital versions of paper Government documents
Lone Sentry - Photographs, Documents, and Research on World War II
GI Intellingence Department - Site devoted to WWII Living History and Reenacting 
Archive Research Catalog - National Archives online catalog


Archive Research Catalog - National Archives online catalog
Life Magazine Photos - Google search trick, find photograph by adding source:life to your keywords
Life Magazine Covers - Great place flip through all the wartime Life Magazine Covers
Life Magazine Online - Google has digitized the complete set page by page of Life Magazine
Wartime Press - Website which has archived of just about every Wartime magazine, journal or periodical
Yank Magazine -  Flip through 4 Years, 182 Issues, 2,581 Articles, Jun 1942 to Dec 1945
Army Talk Magazine - A Combat and Battlefield methods magazines
Frauen Wartre - This site contains the page by page scans of this German Woman's Magazine
Der Alder - Look at complete scans of over 75 copies of this Magazine 
Die Wehrmacht Covers - Look at complete set of Magazine covers
Stars & Stripes - Entire Europeon Collection from D-Day to VE-Day all on a DVD wit a nice viewer. 
CD Universe - Great site for finding World War II videos many which unique and uncommon
American Unit Histories - PDF disks which contain the histories and after action reports for your unit
Newspapers Archives