Private Tactical Battles
The tactical battles, or mock battles are designed to emerse the individual into the sight and sounds of World War II combat. The purpose is not to reecreate war, but to give the individual the opportunity to see and understand just a glimse of what the average combat soldier may have seen and heard. This is all done will real gear, clothing, and weapons.
The California Historical Group (CHG) showcases the only regional large scale battles involving both Allied and Axis armor and infantry units. This includes American and German tanks, not just one on each side but sometimes two or three. Also each side will have Halftracks, and in the case of the German side, you will often times see several of these. But that is not all, there will be many jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, in support. This event attract 250 to 300 reenactors from California, Arizona, Neveda, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. It is by far the largest World War II reenactments in the Western United States. There are two of these events each held at Camp Roberts, Calfornia; one is usually in March and the other is in November.
In addition to our two showcase events, we also stage several Russian Front Battles, one Pacific Theater Battle, as well as one Northern African event each year. In order for this to happen the CHG has assembled a wide range of American, German, Red Army, Japanese, Italian, and Australian units.
Because everyone is in character and all in period correct clothing and gear, and the element of surprise and combat game play, we do not allow members of the public to come and watch. It just would destroyed the atmosphere and feeling the reenactors work so hard to recreate. The public can see small scaled down "public battles" at the Chino Air Show in May, and at Marching Through History in October.  
What can you expect to see and do at a reenactment?
On Friday you drive to the event, and once arriving you check in with your unit, sole away your gear, and set up your sleeping area, which depending on the event may be in a bunk at the barracks at Camp Roberts or a tent in the field.