World War II veterans who have have come out and joined us at an event.
Name: SSgt. Walter D. Ehlers
Unit:   "K" Company, 187th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division
CHG Member Contact: Stan Wolcott
Biography: On 9–10 June 1944, near Goville, France. S/Sgt. Ehlers, always acting as the spearhead of the attack, repeatedly led his men against heavily defended enemy strong points exposing himself to deadly hostile fire whenever the situation required heroic and courageous leadership. Without waiting for an order, S/Sgt. Ehlers, far ahead of his men, led his squad against a strongly defended enemy strong point, personally killing 4 of an enemy patrol who attacked him en route. Then crawling forward under withering machinegun fire, he pounced upon the guncrew and put it out of action. Cont'd
Name: T-4 Sgt Leon "Jed" Jedziniak
Unit "A" Company 501st, 101st Airborne - Medic
CHG Member Contact: Terry Poyser - 101st Airborne
Biography: He grew up in Connecticut.  Was drafted @ 19.  Basic in Virginia.  They wanted him to go to OCS but he refused.  "How can a guy that never completed High School be an Officer."  He was a Medical Tech at the hospital in Bellview, WA.  He received orders to ship out because the Airborne needed Medics.  They put him on 2 planes across country and  sailed to England.  After jump training was assigned to the 501st.  He arrived on Dec 16, the day before the move to Bastogne.  He's a 3x Bronze Star recipient and a Purple Heart recipient as well as numerous awards. Cont'd
Name: Cpt Harold Thompson
Unit:  "E" Company, 67th AR, 2nd Armored
CHG Member Contact: Terry Poyser - 101st Airborne
Biography: He was a tanker who joined the unit after Normandy and fought through to the end of the war. He was a Sherman crewman (casted) and had the only tank in his Company that went ashore in Normandy and had not been KO'd by VE day He remained in the Army afterwards, and eventually promoted from EM to retire as a Captain.  
Name: Sgt. Donald McRell
Unit HQ, 45th Infantry Division
CHG Member Contact: Ronald Glaeseman - 2nd Armored
Biography: Don posed for a drawing done by Bill Mauldin, which was featured in the "News of the 45th" in 1944.
After attending a CHG event at Camp Roberts, Don wrote this touching letter outlining his feelings an appreciate for the reenactores who took care of him during the weekend. Read it here.   
Name: Sgt. Jack "Old Man" Ulmer
Unit:  137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division
CHG Member Contact: 35th Infantry
Biography: On July 30th, 1944 Jack and his jeep driver, while on a reconnaissance mission, observed a weapons carrier that had hit a land mine in the corps area near the town of St. Lo. As he got closer, he could see both driver and co-driver where wounded from the explosion. The truck that was hit was now exploding from all the small arms and grenades that the truck was carrying. He then provided first aid on both soldiers until medics arrived. For his selfless actions, Sgt. Jack Ulmer was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action.