George Air Force Base

Dual Front Tactical / West Coast Regional

Scenario : Dual Front, Battle for Germany

Circa : April-May 1945 : Germany

Event Site: George AFB - Victorville, CA

Event Date: 16-18 April 2021

Battle Fee: $40.00 CHG Members

$50.00 Non Paid CHG Members

($40.00 + $10.00 temp membership)

Vehicle waiver applied to armor ONLY

Authenticity: American

British / Commonwealth


Line Up : Saturday at 0900

* * * Safety Bulletin * * *

All attendees are required to know the CHG Bylaws and the rules set in this Safety Bulletin: George AFB Safety Bulletin

Note: this is an old bulletin but the information imparted is current to George AFB events.

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All attendees MUST pre-register online by Noon PST Thursday, April 15th.

If you are a CHG member, the battle fee is $40. If it is $50, you chose the non-member option. If you have not paid CHG dues in 2020 or 2021, you are a non-member. Make sure you confirm you are paying the right amount before hitting the register button.

If you did not pay 2020 dues but wish to be a paid club member in 2021, email chgtreasurer for a link. Members that paid 2020 dues do not have to pay dues in 2021.

All attendees must fall in with an attending unit, and they must notify / get approval from that unit to field if they are attending for the first time, or are not a member of that unit.

There are no "walk-ons" and no "free agents" at tactical events. If you wish to attend and your unit is not participating, contact your unit leader to find an alternate home for the event. If you are a new club member and wish to attend, you MUST find a home unit before you register for the event.

Folks, regarding CHG dues, as you should have already been told, if you paid CHG dues in 2020, you do not need to pay them in 2021. If you are unsure if you paid club dues in 2020, contact your unit leader who has a roster of paid members.

Event Rules & Information

These will be continuously updated and revised as necessary. It is your individual responsibility to read and know these rules.

Battle Fees and Waivers

Every participant is required to pay their battle fee and sign required waivers prior to participating in this event. Anyone who skips out on paying battle fees will be considered a trespasser and will be asked to leave; or be escorted out by local police.

Anyone who fails to sign a required waiver will not be allowed to participate until said waiver has been completed and turn in to CHG staff.

No Fires

Cooking only with enclosed burners or hot plates. Liquid fuel lanterns prohibited. Electric lanterns, candles or flash lights highly encouraged. Electric generator units highly encouraged. Smoking in paved or dirt areas only. No smoking in or near buildings or near brush/vegetation.

Mortars, smoke devices, pyrotechnics, and large caliber weapons that produce embers are prohibited. A fire that results in a visit by the Fire Department or damage to this facility will result in the loss of use of this site.

Illegal Weapons

DO NOT bring illegal weapons to this event. Local police will be patrolling this area regularly. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

No Drone Aircraft

George AFB is an active airfield and it is against Federal law to fly a drone aircraft within 55 miles of an active airfield. The CHG also considers this practice an authenticity violation.

No Trespassing

The hospital is off limits. The perimeter roads are Nevada Ave, Phantom East, Montana St. These are our boundaries and we are not to cross them. George AFB is an unsecured area, anyone present on site who is not a CHG member and has not paid a battle fee is considered trespassing.

ABSOLUTELY NO ONE other than uniformed CHG members has permission to be at this facility. We have exclusive use of this site, and no one other than local police, fire, or SCLA security is allowed to be there. You are to immediately report trespassers to CHG staff, and CHG staff will dispatch the local police department to cite them for trespassing and escort them off the property. You are allowed to order trespassers off the property should you encounter one.

Military Vehicles

Speed limit is 15 MPH within the urban area, and 35 MPH on perimeter roads. Tracked vehicles have the right of way, and both wheeled vehicles and dismounted personnel will make way and stay clear.

All military vehicles (excluding motorcycles) are required to carry a functional fire extinguisher and a shovel in their pioneer gear.

All military vehicles are required to be in good working order. Any that lack brakes, leak large amounts of fluids, or are generally unsafe to operate will not be allowed to deploy during this event.

All military vehicles will adhere to strict authenticity standards. No modern turn signals, modern or otherwise incorrect license plates, or other physical details not consistent with a military vehicle made and used during the war period.

No drinking and driving. Anyone caught drinking and driving will be immediately stripped of driving privileges. Anyone who refuses to comply will be reported to the local police department as a drunk driver.

Good conduct

No poor sportsmanship, bad attitudes, or "negative waves." Anyone who becomes a problem will be refunded their battle fee and asked to leave.

Hit Taking

Kill times will be announced at Saturday morning formation. If you are caught not taking your hit, you will be stopped and ordered to take your hit. Repeat violators will double their kill time for each offense.

For example:

If the kill time is set at 10 minutes, a 2nd offense violator will be forced to sit out 20 minutes. If that same individual is caught a 3rd time, that individual will sit out 40 minutes, and so on. Anyone who fails to comply will be refunded their battle fee and asked to leave.

Alcoholic Beverages

Consumption of alcohol should be conservative. Since we have many members who are under the age of 21, open bars will be prohibited. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. Casual RESPONSIBLE drinking is acceptable, however anyone who gets out of hand will be reprimanded. If it becomes a problem, the CHG Board of Directors will consider banning alcoholic beverages at events altogether & eliminate the liability.

Situational Awareness

George AFB is an unmaintained area. There is debris, concertina wire, broken glass, open manholes, and other hazards that are present. Watch where you walk and do not wander around alone at night.


Authenticity will be strictly enforced. Individuals found with violations will earn their commanding unit an authenticity violation, to which their unit leader will answer for. Extreme violators will be required to correct themselves (Wearing leggings over Nike tennis shoes is an extreme violation).


Designated POV parking areas will be assigned to each bivouac area. POV parking outside the designated POV parking areas is not permitted. Units found with POVs in their bivouac area will be issued authenticity violations. Exceptions to this will be for brief loading and unloading times only. This rule will be in effect the duration of this event.

Emergency Situations

Should the need for emergency services arise, you should immediately call 9-1-1 and dispatch appropriate services. Shout out "REAL WORLD" and relay this call till the event has paused to respond to this emergency situation. In case of fire that is out of control, everyone is to report to the evacuation area on the corner of Phantom West and Nevada Ave. Everyone should hastily make way for emergency vehicles and avoid blocking roadways.

General First Aid

EMT and trained first aid personnel who may be present at this event will be identified at Saturday morning formation. If you suffer an injury that can be treated with general first aid that does not require emergency services, solicit the assistance of members who are trained in first aid.

Temporary Membership Fee Notice

The CHG has changed its Bylaws governing Non-Members and the Reciprocal Agreements it has with other reenactment clubs: Effective January 1st, 2014, the CHG will no longer participate in any Reciprocity Agreements with other reenactment organizations, with exception to the West Coast Historical Group.

Non-Members may still participate at CHG and WCHG events, but will be required to pay a Temporary Membership fee, currently set at $10. The Temporary Membership gives limited membership status for the event they are participating in, thus satisfying insurance requirements and adequately compensating the CHG's and WCHG's efforts for hosting events.

Please note that if you are a CHG Member not current on your dues, you will be charged the Temporary Membership fee or the Regular Membership dues at the event. You MUST be a member in either status to attend one of our events. If you are behind on your dues and plan to come to an event, best pay your dues in advance!