August Storm 1945

Scenario: Manchurian Strategic Offensive

Location: Manchuria

Circa: August 1945

Sponsor : 70th Guards Rifle Division

Contact: Yuri Mironov


Event Site: California City

Event Date: 11 - 13 June 2021

Event Fee : $25

Line Up : 0900 Saturday


This scenario is based on the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation of 1945, also known as August Storm. It takes place during the last combat operations of the Second World War. Participants will experience 24 hours of full immersive battle; platoon coordinated engagements, night battles, digging, and waiting.

The 70th Guards in cooperation with Hasegawa Shoutai plan to create one of the most immersive events ever. This unprecedented event will represent the final theater of the Second World War when the Red Army pushed through Manchuria and smashed the Powerful Kwantung Army. This event will feature immersive combat, vehicles, patrols, and even night fighting! You don't want to miss this one. See Less