American GI Identification Card - Print, Cut and Make

The American Indentification Card is one the nicest pieces of personal documentation a American Reenactor can have. Unfortunately most never get one or make one because of all that is assumed to be involved, such as special paper, stamps, and the need for a typewriter. Not to mention a "sign board" and lettering for your GI Photo.

But this is only true if one is going to go beyond the call of duty, and put all the extra effort and money to make one. The simple approach is to use color cardstock that can be picked up at any craft store, and skip the hassles and expense of searching for 100% accurate paper. And by using freely available graphic software called PhotoPlus one can produce accurate type text on the card itslef without the need for a typewriter, and without the damage often caused by craming the card into a typewriter. Not to mention dealing with typos.

And this goes for the GI Photo; with graphic software, and the Working Photo File that we provide you, you'll have an authentic GI Photo as well. This includes the "sign board" which can be modified easily. All you need is a photograph of the person who's card you are making. No need to take special photographs with the person holding up the "sign board".

All you will need is colored cardstock, some muslin fabric, and 3M Super 77 Spray Glue. Also you will need to download and install the following fonts.

Rubber Stamp Font, called "Stamp.ttf"

Typewriter Font called "KingsTypewriter2.ttf

The GI Photograph is simply a photograph in a wool shirt and tie. The photograph is converted to Black & White, and slipped behind the sign board layer and all the personal information text. When dealing in a photoshop environment each layer sits on the one underneath. Each layer is on or off, which is indicated by the "eye". By sliding the various layer up or down will determine whether is visiable or hidden.

Buy List

1. Can of 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive - Spray Glue

2. One Yard or more of Muslin Fabric - Pretty cheap

3. Cardstock - Cream and Brown Rust -

4. Paper Cutter

5. Plastic Food Wrap


1. Using the IDcardInside.psd file change the text to your person's card information

2. Print out the Inside Card on the Cream colored Cardstock (set printer to 8 x 10 )

3. Using the IDcardOutside.psd print the Outside Card on the Rust colored Cardstock

4. Trim the first outter area. Do not trim the card all the way, it will be trimmed at the end

5. Using the spray adhesive glue the Outside card to the Inside Card.

6. Place a piece of muslin fabric "between" the cards.

7. Wrap the glued together cards in Plastic Food Wrap

8. Place the glued cards in a book and place weight on the book for several hours until dry

9. Trim the excess cardstock to the inner ma

Instruction to make you GI Indentification Card


10. Using a spoon, score the Folding line markers.

11. Glue in your Photograph

12. Using an ink pad add your finger prints

Some Tips

    1. Cut the muslin fabric bigger than the card, but have one edge relatively straight so that you can view the card underneath for matching. Also you can use a pen to "find-n-mark" the location of the card underneath. These markings can then be used to guide your placement of the top card.
    2. The spray adhsive is such that you leave it to dry for about 20 to 30 seconds in order for the glue to "tack up"
    3. Spray the cards and the fabric. Glue the fabric onto one card and then the next card onto the card-fabric combination.
    4. When you source the folding crease into the card, use a ruler and a metal spoon.
    5. Make sure to use a paper cutter and your markers are lined up before cutting.
    6. Make sure to press the glued card under pressure
    7. Make sure the fonts are downloaded and installed on your PC before working with the template files
    8. When you print the GI Photo, the size is 2 x 2. You can print this on either 4x 6 or 8 x 11. The image print size needs to be 2 x 2.

Photoshop & PhotoPlus Files used to make your GI Indentification Card

Please note none of this would be possible if not for the fantastic paperwork site, brought to you by the folks at This site has many fine PDF template for all the popular paperwork items.