Mail Call Kit


On this page you will find a collection of ready-to-use PDF printouts which you can print and quickly make yourself a nice set of authentic World War II era envelopes in no time at all. These are real envelopes made from scanned originals and converted into cut-n-fold templates which can be used by anyone wanting to stage their own unit's mail call. You will enjoy the rich look and different types of Russian Postage Stamps during the war years that appear on these envelopes together with the post office meter stamp.

The best way to assemble these is to cut them up and then using a glue runner tool to quickly assemble them up without the sticky mess of glue sticks or scotch tape. Use a Adtech Dot Glue Runner, which you can pick up at any Walmart in the scrapbook section, or any other office supply store. Also as you cut out the envelope cut them slightly inside the guidelines so that they don't show up after you assemble your envelope.

To add a touch of appeal and authenticity get yourself a fountain pen and some vintage brand bottled ink like Quink or cartridge ink, and hand write out your letters. Include real vintage photographs of made up girlfriends, wives or other family members or friends from back home.


While it is very difficult to find Letters written to soldiers, we do have dairies of people who lived through the war. Dairies serve as an excellant source of material with which to craft a period correct letter. By weaving information from dairies you can create a very believable letter for your unit members

Triangle Letter - Envelope

Because resources were tight and supplies were short or simply non existent, people folded their letters into a triangle envelopes. They would take their letter and first folded it in half. Then fold it in half along a dianglal line. The bottom sections' corners were folded in, and then tucked neatly into the body of the letter to close it. Also to better understand some of the unique letters used in Russian writing familarized yourself with the Russian Alphabet