Photo and Research Sites

Photo Normandie - unbelievable collection of over 3,600 photos

German Black and White Photographs - nice collection of German Photographs

World War II in Color - Color War Pictures

Color Pictures of WWII - Color Prints of World War II

World War II Posters - American- - Official Government postings during the World War II era

World War II Posters - Germany - Official German Government posters

World War II Posters - English - Official British Government posters

World War II Posters - Red Army - Various Red Army posters from World War II

Internet Archive- find all sorts of old newsreels and movies. All downloadable

WW2 US Medical Research Centre - One of the best place for photos & info

U.S. Army in World War II Series- U.S. Army Histories from the "Green Books"

Lone Sentry - Photographs, Documents, and Research on World War II

GI Intellingence Department - Site devoted to WWII Living History and Reenacting

Archive Research Catalog - National Archives online catalog


WWII History Magazine

World War II Magazine

America in World War II Magazine

Archive Research Catalog - National Archives online catalog

Life Magazine Photos - Google search trick, find photograph by adding source:life to your keywords

Life Magazine Covers - Great place flip through all the wartime Life Magazine Covers

Life Magazine Online - Google has digitized the complete set page by page of Life Magazine

Wartime Press - Website which has archived of just about every Wartime magazine, journal or periodical

Frauen Warte - This site contains the page by page scans of this German Woman's Magazine

Newspaper Archives

Lodi News

Southeast Missourian

Pittsburgh Post Gazzette

Spokesman Review

St. Petersburg Times

Youngstown Vindicator

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

Plainsville Telegraph

Owosso Argus-Press

Evening Independant

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