1st Annual CHG Member Social

Sponsor :  CHG Public Affairs Officer and Staff

Contact:  Anthony Ardisone - anthony@chgww2.net

Event Site:  Arrowhead, CA

Event Date:  25-27 August 2023

Line Up:  0900

   The CHG is holding its first social event in nearly 10 years! Join us for food, educational classes and some relaxation in the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest! Better yet, the CHG is picking up the tab!

   Though obtaining quality imagery is the primary goal, we also saw this as a great opportunity for our members to socialize in a way not normally done at battles.  We will be hosting a swap meet so that attendees can trade and sell to fellow members as well as holding a few lectures to those interested in key topics that affect the hobby.  As there is no specific scenario for this event, units can come in their primary impressions and even change out to showcase what else they’re able to portray.

** Please note, this event is for PAID CHG MEMBERS ONLY!  **

   This is the club’s way to say ‘thank you’ to all the members for their continued support and dedication to portraying history as well as they do!