Join the CHG!

Interested in doing what we do?  The best way to start is to contact one of our units that best aligns with what you want to portray!  

Each unit's leadership can best detail all the ins and outs to include what you would need to acquire, general costs,  and how their unit operates.  It is important to contact the unit you are interested in joining because the CHG does not permit walk-on individuals at its events nor does it permit solo reenactors to join unannounced. 

You must be at least 18 years of age to join the CHG and participate at events the club hosts.

Click on the links below to view our active units.

What is reenacting?

Re-enacting, also known as living history, is a different approach to learning about the past.  It's best described as people who dress up in period clothes and equipment order educate as well as be educated.  Immersing oneself in accurate clothes, using the correct equipment, and sometimes eating the same type of food available at the time offers a unique perspective of history that is not achieved by reading books or watching films.  Feeling the clothes, bearing the weight of the gear while running or marching, and being surrounded by others doing the same as you can almost immerse you back in time.  Better yet, when going back and reading the real accounts and stories, you'll have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what's being described. 

Existing Re-enactors and Units

Do you represent a group or unit looking to join the CHG?  Contact our Executive Committee Chairman with your interest.  The process for creating a new unit within the club is outlined in our Bylaws and requires approval by the Executive Committee.  

The club generally looks for motivated groups with established activity that can benefit to the events it currently hosts.  Typically, our event scenarios are set in the European, Mediterranean and Eastern Front theaters.  While we occasionally hold Pacific theater scenarios, these are usually an alternate impression for most units as we don't hold these events enough. Our Chairman can help you with the process.