CHG Events Calendar

Note: All event dates are subject to change pending Covid-19 restrictions as issued by local authorities to the event sites.



ETO at Hill 559 - late January

North Africa - March 4-6

Temporary Membership Rule

The CHG has changed its Bylaws governing Non-Members and the Reciprocal Agreements it has with other reenactment clubs: effective January 1st, 2014, the CHG will no longer participate in any Reciprocity Agreements with other reenactment organizations.

Non-Members may still participate at CHG events, but will be required to pay a Temporary Membership (a $10 fee). This Temporary Membership gives limited membership status for the event they are participating in, thus satisfying insurance requirements and adequately compensating the efforts of the CHG in hosting events.

Please note that if you are not current on your CHG dues, you will need to pay either Temporary or Regular Membership dues at the event. You MUST be a member in either status to attend one of our events.

CHG Photography Policy

Taking digital photographs and video is reserved for paid CHG Members. The amount and nature should be such that it does not distract from the overall period-correct immersive nature of the event.The CHG does not allow members of the public to come to our private tactical battle events. The CHG does accommodate Veterans, and Film Students; but only after a formal request has been made in person to the board to the nature of their request. If you are interesting in attending one of our events your best option is to join one of our member units. Regardless who attends an event they must be in period clothing, with grooming and overall appearance meeting standards of the time period.

Different Event Types

For the purpose of the CHG, we differentiate all upcoming events as either Tactical or Living History. While the CHG hosts private events, CHG units themselves choose to participate in public events. What follows are brief descriptions of the different event types with examples of each. See the calendar for notices and links to more information of CHG hosted and participating events.

Private Tactical Battle

Tactical or mock battles are designed to immerse the individual in the sights and sounds of World War II combat. The purpose is not to recreate war but to give the individual the opportunity to have a glimpse at what the average combat soldier may have experienced. This is all done with real and reproduction gear, clothing, and weapons.

The California Historical Group stages several battles through the year. In addition to D-Day / Europe, we host several events set in the Russian Front, the Pacific, North Africa / Italy, and more. In order for this to happen, CHG membership includes a wide range of American, German, Red Army, Japanese, Italian, and Commonwealth units.

The CHG showcases the only West Coast Regional event -- a large scale battle involving both Allied and Axis armor and infantry units. 250-300 reenactors from all over the Western United States and beyond regularly attend the annual battle at George Air Force Base. Armor includes American and German tanks -- not just one on each side, but sometimes two or three on a side. Each side will have half tracks; on the German side, you will often see several of these. In addition there are many jeeps, trucks, and motorcycles in support. Aviation has been known to participate on both Axis and Allied side as well.

Because everyone is in period correct clothing and gear, and to add to immersion and the element of surprise and combat game play, these tactical battles are private: we do not allow members of the public to come and watch. It would harm the immersion and sense of realness that reenactors work so hard to recreate. The public can however see scaled-down public battles at Living History events such as the Chino Air Show and at Marching Through History.

Living History

These events are generally run by outside organizations not connected with the CHG. Living History in its specific sense is geared towards various reenactor groups throughout history who come together to showcase different historical eras: you will see groups which portray The American Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, Korean War, Roman, etc.

Living history events showcase camps set up by the various groups to illustrate their research and dedication to a time period via the use of their unique equipment, artifacts, weapons, vehicles and other items to make themselves appear as though they have stepped out of a history book. Often these events include a scripted mock battle for the enjoyment of the attending audience.

The events are staged to allow the general public to tour the assembled units and groups, allowing attendees to ask questions, see demonstrations, and generally learn about the various time periods on display.

Living History is a broad category and also includes other venues involving the public, such as Air Shows, Gun Shows, Parades. Veteran Events, Memorial Services, etc.

Minimum Age Policy for Tactical Events:

The preferred age for a regular member is 18 years of age; a member less than 18 years of age may be admitted to a tactical battle event if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and have a waiver of liability (click the icon to the right) signed by such parent or guardian and submitted to the Membership Chairman prior to such re-enactment. A legal parent or guardian must be present with the minor during the event.

In no situation, however, may anyone under the age of 15 be admitted to tactical events.