Events Calendar

All attendees, either member or guest, are required to adhere to the CHG's Bylaws, it's safety protocols and any prescribed rules specific to the venue when participating in any club hosted event.



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Note: All event dates are subject to change pending Covid-19 restrictions as issued by local authorities to the event sites!

Photography & Video Policy

Members and guests may take photographs and videos at CHG hosted events without prior approval of the Executive Committee provided, however, that the the media captured is for that member's personal use or for the promotion of his or her affiliated unit. Further, imagery must be obtained in a safe and as authentic manner possible as to not detract from the event and the atmosphere it is trying to achieve.

Exception to this rule is only possible if requested by the member or guest and approved by the CHG Executive Committee. Consult the CHG Bylaws for further information and rules regarding photos at CHG hosted events.

Minimum Age Policy

The preferred age for a regular member is 18 years of age; a member less than 18 years of age may be admitted to a tactical battle event if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and have a waiver of liability (click the icon to the right) signed by such parent or guardian and submitted to the Membership Chairman prior to such re-enactment. A legal parent or guardian must be present with the minor during the event.

In no situation, however, may anyone under the age of 15 be admitted to tactical events.

Temporary Membership Rule

Non-Members may still participate at CHG events as guests, but can only do so if invited by an attending CHG unit and will be required to pay a Temporary Membership, which satisfies insurance requirements specifically for that event and adequately compensating the efforts of the CHG in event costs.

If you think you might attend more than one CHG event a year, consider joining one of our units!