NorthWestern europe

FALL 1944

Scenario: Northwestern ETO

Circa: Fall of 1944

Sponsor: 12th SS

Event Site: Forest Lawn Site

Event Date: 16-18 Sept 2022

Safety Brief: 0900 on Saturday

Event Fee: $25 for members / $40 for guests

Registration closes 15 Sep 2022 at 17:00 (5pm)
If you miss the deadline, contact your unit leader.



  1. Pyrotechnics are not permitted at this site.

  2. Campfires are allowed if permitted by the location representatives and will be determined by current weather conditions.

  3. There is no alcohol permitted on this site!

  4. Contact your unit leader for the latest information.


Members of units unaffiliated with the CHG are allowed, and encouraged, to attend with a CHG-affiliated sponsor unit. Contact the CHG unit you want to attend with prior to the event. When the battle fee goes live, pay the non-member rate for temporary membership.