Scenario : Hungarian Theater Of Operations

Circa: Winter of 1945

Sponsor: 70th Guards R.D. & 150th Rifles Div.

Event Site: Arrowhead, CA

Event Date: 17-19 February 2023

Line Up: Saturday at 9:00 am

Contact: Yuri Murinov or Preston King

Email: or


  • Snow is possible and winter clothing are greatly encouraged!

  • Soviet: Suitable impressions are standard Red Army infantry.

  • German: Heer, Luftwaffe and SS impressions are appropriate for the scenario.

  • Partisan: Hungarian partisans are appropriate but must be coordinated with the host and should be contacted first.


  • Event fee will be released closer to the event date. Price is set at $25 for members, $40 for guests.

  • Non-CHG members may attend but must contact and fall in with an attending CHG unit prior to the event.


The war in Hungary in 1944 moving into 1945 saw some of the most brutal and relentless combat of the second world war. The snow and the ice made for difficult fighting during this period for all soldiers on the battlefield. The advance on and encirclement of Budapest is the time period we will be portraying.

This event may have snow on the ground so we will be portraying the advance on Budapest and eventual encirclement of German Forces there.