Unit Contact

These units currently do not have a website. To inquire about these units, use the contact information supplied below:

12th SS Division

E-mail: sshscha@yahoo.com

2nd Fallschirmjäger

Steve Woodward, Unit Leader: (619) 847-0263

E-mail: rykersdad@hotmail.com

98th Gebirgsjäger

Ludwig Prucker, unit leader

E-mail: GJR98@yahoo.com

Call: Otto Steiner (951) 255-2509


Hasegawa Shoutai

E-mail: hasegawashoutai@gmail.com

2nd Sendai

Steve Woodward, unit leader: (619) 847-0263

E-mail: rykersdad@hotmail.com

Yahoo Chat Group

45th Field Hospital

Email: SignorinaL@aol.com

70th Guards Rifles

Email: kjm45cal@yahoo.com